About the author

Welcome to Palimpsest, my personal blog. My name is Nicolas D. Sampson, or Nick, or Sampson, and here’s some stuff about me, most of it shameless self-promotion.

I went to Arizona State University, where I got a BA in psychology, then to the University of Cambridge, where I got a Masters in Social Psychology. I dabbled in advertising for a while before taking up writing. I have co-written scripts for short films and theater plays, and have set up an entertainment company (Behind The Mirror Ltd), which deals with executive production, creative direction, and talent support.

My first book to be published was Behind The Mirror, an updated and fully revised version of which is due out next year.  My second book, Appearances, is a collection of twelve short stories dealing with life as seen through the prism of fun-house mirrors. In other words they stretch reality to a point where it looks funny, awkward, disturbing, frightening. The book is available in paperback on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Waterstones. It is also available in e-book format (for iPod, iPad and Kindle) on a number of sites.

I am currently working on a short film project titled The Politics Of Conflict. I am also writing regular articles for the online magazine Urban Times. My latest work, a historical-fiction narrative titled Wake Of Liberty, is featured there as well as on this blog.

I wish you spirited readings! Oh, and by the way, remember to dance every day, even if it’s for a few seconds, even if it’s just a two-step jitterbug on your way to the kitchen. Why? It kinda feels good.


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